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Annual Maintenance Contract

Shrill Group bid for Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) with an all-encompassing of services. We are thoroughly equipped to effectuate the conditions under Annual Maintenance Contract of Indian Railways and therefore we have been able to deliver the requirements successfully over the years. With the agreement of the contracts, we have maintained the pieces of equipment in good working condition during the contract period and have repaired or replaced the defective parts of the equipment where it is installed. Our services have ensured that the full configuration of the equipment is in proper working condition, after repair and maintenance. Here are the prime commitment under our on - board operation for the Annual Maintenance Contract.

  • High level of service quality
  • 100% adherence to all the deliverables
  • Zero accidents environment
  • 100% reporting of all the near-miss incidents and corrective measures for all to ensure no accident due to the unsafe conditions
  • Increased availability of all the equipment and the total system to ensure better efficiency and higher levels of productivity
  • Ensuring higher productivity per man-hour by introducing better Operating Procedures
  • Introduction of innovative ideas which can save in terms of time or money

Comprehensive Maintenance Contract

Escorting Rajdhani / Shatabdi & EOG trains

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