Inspiring Generations

Electrical Maintenance

Electrical Wiring

Deev Genset provides Electrical Maintenance Services to Indian Railways and other Industries. Our services include, electrical wiring, electrical engineering, electricians, and ground testing. Deev Genset providing electrical engineering, electricians, and ground testing to Indian Railways & other industrial clients.

We provide end to end solutions from, deployment of engineers, problem identification, wiring, maintenance, application and testing for smooth operations.

Power Car Application

Deev Genset has been aptly implementing the services of Power Car Application with the latest and cutting - edge technology for the railways. We handle the entire mechanism process with sheer excellence. We are breaking new ground with our Power Car Application by lowering installation time and ensuring the product is form-fit-function identical to the earlier equipment for a hassle-free application. We make sure that our application is extremely efficient and the power car run cooler and require less power.

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